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Jeremy Sumpter Spam/update

*crickets chirping*

Hello out there! I know, this place has essentially been abandoned, but just checking to see if there's any signs of life out there that may be interested in some pretty pictures. ^^

Some of his new photoshoot pics.   


Jeremy with actress Scout Taylor Compton:

Jeremy and his girlfriend (on the right) at a party this past summer:

 Jeremy on the set of his new studio film "Soul Surfer:"

Pics from yesterday, when he attended the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party:

And finally, the trailer for his upcoming film "Death And Cremation:"


He's also got a spread in Troix mag (online mag) coming up where he'll be featured on the cover with Twilight actress Christian Serratos. ^^

So, uh, yeah, that's some of what's been going on, if anyone is interested. ^^;;;;;

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