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Jeremy's TROIX Mag Spread

TROIX Magazine's November Neverland issue with Jeremy has been posted! There are many, many gorgeous Jeremy pics (plus a new interview),, so go check it out here:http://www.troixmagazine.com/

A preview:

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OMG is that tattoo for real!!! *loud squeal*

and finally, shirtless....*perves completely*


great images, thanks for sharing.....
You're welcome, Louise. ^^ And yup, it's real. ^-^
What does his tattoo say?

Oh, he and Christian look so hot together!
"to die would be an awfully big adventure"
from peter pan
omgomgomgomgomgomg his tattoo is turning me back into a peter pan fangirl
ahhhhh <3333 this just made my night

and that's my favorite line from the movie too (:
Don't mind me I'm just stopping in to leave a link then I'm going to croak from all the gorgeousness that is Jeremy.

Here are more photos from this shoot:

i think he looks just awful, i hate tattoo, and the cigarette hanging out of his mouth is terrible, way to to lose a fan base. Whomever is managing his "career" is doing a lousy job.


February 22 2011, 00:02:09 UTC 6 years ago

Um, No Jeremy Looks Beyond Amazing in Those Photos! You're Wrong, The cigarette Makes Him Look Like such A Stud! He Is To Die for!
lung cancer is sexy.