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Jeremy Sumpter Daily

For all your picture needs

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Welcome to Jeremy Sumpter Daily!
This community, like all other daily communities, was made specifically for daily postings of Jeremy Sumpter pictures. All we ask is that you take a look at the rules before joining.

001: All posts must contain a picture. No icons, fanart, manips, or new community announcements. jsumpter_icons is a community for posting icons.

002: Any pictures larger than 500x500 must go under a cut. Only one picture can be placed outside a cut.

003: No hotlinking/direct linking. You must have the pictures uploaded to your own accounts. Photobucket and Image Shack are good photo hosting sites.

004: Please keep your posts and comments free of explicit language.

005: Please respect other posters. We do not take kindly to flaming of any kind.

006: This is a picture posting community only. No talk and/or gossip about Jeremy's real life will be tolerated. This includes catty talk about his love interests/friends/dates. End of story.

beizy is your community mod. Please feel free to contact her if you have any questions and/or problems.